March 2020 Legislative Report


The 2020 State Legislative Session began on February 5th and is scheduled to end on on May 6th. We have retained the services of Hughes and Cronin Public Affairs Strategies to monitor legislation related to the antique auto hobby, as we have done in previous sessions. In this monitoring capacity, Hughes and Cronin will inform us of the pending legislation. We report to you on any legislation potentially impacting the hobby, and ask you to contact your legislators and help get favorable legislation passed, and unfavorable legislation defeated (i.e., a "grass roots" approach). At the present time, there has been no legislation introduced in the 2020 Legislative Session that will adversely impact the antique auto hobby. So that is a good thing! The table included in this newsletter summarizes thecurrent status of bills related to the hobby and other transportation related matters of interest that have been introduced in the legislative session to date (March 28, 2020). Because of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, the Capital Complex has closed from March 13 through at least Sunday April 12. General Assembly staff are working remotely, including those who process the bills into file copies. Specifically, staff at the Office of Fiscal Analysis, Office of Legislative Research, and The Legislative Commissioner’s Office (legal unit),are completing work on the 226 bills that were reported so far from the 26 legislative committees.As a result of the pandemic, financial and budgetary bills will remain the priority legislation. Chairpersons of committees have been asked to identify their priority bills. These bills should be reviewed and combined into one or two implementer-type bills from that specific committee. We anticipate the combination of several subjects into one bill, which will make it more difficult keeping up with this process. We expect unusual events to occur. A “Where did this bill come from?” reaction may be common. That being said, we currently do not anticipate any legislation adverse to the antique auto hobby to move forward in this session. As always, we will remain vigilant, and immediately report to you on any legislation impacting the antique auto hobby.Regarding titles for our antique motor vehicles, we will suspend any contact with DMV until after the pandemic passes. Everyone stay safe in these unprecedented times. Take care…

Dave Bajumpaa

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