November 2019 Legislative Report

Dave Bajumpaa

The 2020 State Legislative Session will begin on February 5th and end on May 6th. In preparation for this upcoming session, we plan to retain the services of Hughes and Cronin Public Affairs Strategies to monitor legislation related to the antique auto hobby, as we have done in previous sessions. In this monitoring capacity, Hughes and Cronin informs us ofthe pending legislation. We report to you on any legislation potentially impacting the hobby, and ask you to contact your legislators and help get favorable legislation passed, and unfavorable legislation defeated (i.e., a "grass roots" approach).At the present time, we are not aware of any legislation planned to be introduced in the 2020 Legislative Session that will impact the antique auto hobby. The major challenge for the upcoming session will continue to be dealing with the state‚Äôs fiscal problems. Projections for future Connecticut budgets show that they will be running very large deficits. So the fiscal problems for the state are far from over and will dominate future legislative sessions. 

lAs you know, we will be electing our municipal leaders on Tuesday November 5, 2019. These elections are important and we encourage you to exercise your right to vote! Regarding titles for motor vehicles, as reported in previous newsletters, the new DMV leadership is in place. Now that the session is over, we will pursue improvements in the DMV regulations regarding obtaining titles for our collector cars. Frankly, due to time constraints, I have been behind in getting starting on drafting the letter to DMV.